Meet Me and My Team

My name is Michael Ramer and I am currently entering my senior year at Michigan State. I have chosen to write my blog about the Philadelphia 76ers. As we have learned in this class, your best work will come from something you are passionate about and you will enjoy it more as well. This is why I have chosen this topic for my blog. Basketball is one of my passions and I love the city of Philadelphia, so I thought why not write about one of my favorite teams. I was born and raised in Philadelphia and moved to Michigan at the age of 12, so naturally I still follow Philadelphia and it’s sports organizations very closely. But enough about me, as for the 76ers they are going through a classic rebuilding stage! With a very young and talented team,┬áthe only way is up and despite not winning that many games the past few seasons, the fans are able to see this and buy into the program. The culture right now is great, and tickets are selling like crazy.┬áThe future for the 76ers is a very bright one and I can’t wait to see where the team goes from here! Follow my blog for the latest and greatest Sixers news!gimme

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